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Desmonk is your one-stop destination for social media marketing. Our troop of writers, designers, strategists, illustrators, photographers, and social-media connoisseurs work together to make your brand stand apart among the crowd. 

Social media has been the game-changer in various aspects, and Digital Marketing is definitely one of them. ‘If you don’t have a photograph, it didn’t happen’ is a new reality. So is Social Media. If you don’t have an influencing presence, your brand doesn’t exist. We help you create viable marketing strategies that will give your business the edge it needs and deserves.

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Key services

Social Media Strategy

At the heart of your brand’s social media presence is social media strategy. This is the very first step in creating your brand social- we will figure out a strategy to best engage with your audience, and in the process, how to achieve high revenue and marketing goals.

Social Media Optimisation

We excel at creating content that makes your brand look fresh and relevant, and that hooks on your target audience. Wenot just engage your existing customer audience, but we also attracts new customers by giving you social content that is suited for various channels- including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Social Media Advertising

We have designed and executed various successful social media advertising campaigns that go beyond placing Facebook ads- we design ads that are eye-catching, and are appealing to the target demographics.

Social Media Promotions

Our experts will help you design promotional offers and campaigns that are smart, engaging and ethical to get more visitors to your social media accounts.

Community Management

Our community management services ensure addition to your customer base and lead generation, and pushing driving up your social engagement levels.

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